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Way of converting PPT2DVD

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1 Way of converting PPT2DVD on Thu Mar 14, 2013 12:30 pm


Microsoft PowerPoint is definitely a strong tool which could enable everyday people make slides for sharing their suggestions or key point with text, pictures, audio and also video clips. Presenters can connect a pc with PowerPoint installed on it to a projector and show the presentation to audiences. But sometimes the pc or projector can be not to choose from, so it would be much better to backup your PPT slides by converting PPT2DVD video.
Why have to convert PPT2DVD?
DVD is portable, simple and easy store and access from anywhere (all you will need is definitely a DVD player and Tv, no want for any pc and MS Office). As a result, you possibly can normally show the slides even there is certainly no PowerPoint viewer or any pc.
Methods to convert PPT2DVD?
Converting PPT2DVD are usually quite easily realized by using a PPT2DVD burning program which also is named as PPT2DVD burner. It will be strong and can convert PPT2DVD with all of the original animations, pictures, video clips and also audios, and so forth. Furthermore, it can provide you multiple DVD menu templates to pick from.
1. Load PPT files
Open the PPT2DVD burner and import the PPT files by simply clicking on Add or Import button. You possibly can add up to 12 PPT files per conversion.
2. Choose output
Inside the menu bar, click options and decide upon create standard DVD disc. Adjust related terms such as Norm, Mode, Folder and advanced settings if necessary.

3. Create DVD menu
Toggle to your Menu tab. The Blu-ray/DVD Menu interface appears. Multiple DVD menu templates are provided to suit your needs to pick from. Decide upon one you like best or click DVD menu Creator for making your very own DVD menu.
4. Burn PPT2DVD
After anything is ready, it's time to click burn to enter settings as well as burn panel. To burn your PowerPoint file directly to a DVD Disc, you might want to have a writable DVD along with a third-party DVD burner on your Pc.
Last of all, click Start button to start the burning from PPT2DVD.

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